URMR Meetings

Online Meetings in Surrounding Areas


Addicts Seeking Sanity 

Wednesday 6 PM 968 308 041 Password: 709435

Sunday 4 PM Birthday meeting 599 055 704 Password: 432600


Meetings open 15 minutes early, bring your coffee and chat with others! Stay after the meeting to chat if you need! Password subject to change, check namontana.org

Everyday Noon Montana Region 965 024 325 PW 955208

Mon-Sat 7pm Montana Region 321 529 143 PW 955208

Sun 8pm Montana Region 321 529 143 PW 955208

Fri & Sun, 9am Montana Region – Morning 905 489 644 PW 955208

Thursday 8:30 pm Montana Region – Women’s meeting 362 239 376 PW 955208

Meeting lists around the world: virtual-na.org, intherooms.com, nabyphone.com.

Our Region’s Area Abbreviations

The Upper Rocky Mountain Region is  made up of:

Central Wyoming Area (CW)

Central Basin Area (CB)

Freedom Seekers Area (FS)

Wyo-Braska Area (WB)  

Wyoming Western Area (WW)  

Upper Rocky Mountain Region

The Upper Rocky Mountain Region is part of the Rocky Mountain Zonal Forum. As always, the individual NA group is at the top of our service structure. Our leaders are but trusted servants – they do not govern. Our primary purpose is to stay clean and to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. 

 “Recovery is what happens in our meetings. Our lives are at stake.” Basic Text, page 15  

Regional Service Committee Meetings

The Upper Rocky Mountain Regional Service Committee meets the first Saturday of the following months: February, June, August, and October

We meet centrally in Casper, WY for the business meetings

The Regional Assembly meets every year in April, the first weekend of the month

Other Info and contacts:

Upper Rocky Mountain Regional Website:  https://www.urmrna.org/  

Rocky Mountain Zonal Forum: http://www.rmfna.org/  

NA World Services:  https://www.na.org/   

Please forward any changes or discrepancies to urmrna@gmail.com